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1. Readiness Assessment

  1. You are using a supported browser. You are not using a supported browser. Checking browser...

  2. You have MetaMask installed. You do not have MetaMask installed. Checking for MetaMask...

  3. You have logged into MetaMask. You are not logged into MetaMask. Checking MetaMask login status...

  4. You have authorized MetaMask. You have not authorized MetaMask. Checking MetaMask authorization status...

  5. You are connected to Rinkeby Test Network. You are not connected to the Rinkeby Test Network. Checking Ethereum network...

2. Onboarding Assistance

Start the Dapp  

3. Transaction Awareness

  1. Call the "High Five" contract function.

    Start Transaction  

  2. Try to spend more Rinkeby Test Network ETH than you have.

    Start Transaction  

  3. Send Rinkeby Test Network ETH.

    Start Transaction  


Complete Onboarding to
Unlock Dapp Actions

The following is an example script that includes BNC.js and makes a W3 call using our library.